REAXML Import for EZ Realty

REAXML Import for EZ Realty (licence - gpl-3.0) provides a way to load the real estate listings from REAXML listings files into a Joomla 3.x web site that is using the EZ Realty real estate extension.

REAXML is becoming a de facto standard in the Australian Real Estate industry for the exchange of listings information. and are the most well known sites that accept the REAXML format. Other sites that use the REAXML format can be found through the popular Agentpoint site.

One example use is where the import component is being used to import a clients listing data from their LockedOn account using the LockedOn "Portal Push" feature.

CMS sites that support REAXML appear to be confined to mainly Wordpress at this time. This maybe the first time a REAXML Import is being provided as a Joomla extension although at this time it's confined to being an adjunct to the EZRealty real estate extension.

The intention of providing this option for web site developers using the Joomla CMS is to increase their opportunities in the real estate web sites space. Hopefully it will allow a new set of web site developers into this market who'll provide a service potentially suiting those businesses who prefer not to have a one-size-fits-all solution.

The component can be used from the backend administrator site, as a menu item on the front-end site, or using a CLI script (via cron).

Configuration involves specifying the directories to be used, how map coordinates will be imported or generated, notifications, and default values.

The REAXML files along with any associated resource files (pictures, documents etc referenced in the REAXML files) are placed in the input directory. A REAXML file and it's associated files can also be compressed into a zip archive file and placed in the input directory. It's expected that in most cases the files would be placed into the input directory using a FTP service provided by the hosting web server.

When the import is triggered the files in the input directory are copied to the work directory. Any zip files is in the input directory are decompressed into the work directory.

When the import is completed the files are moved into the done directory. Any files in the done directory when the import starts are moved into timestamped sub-directories under the done directory.

Any REAXML files that fail to be processed are moved into the error directory.

Each run of the import process creates a new log file. Old log files are renamed with a timestamp.

From the component web pages the import is triggered with an AJAX call. Automatic importing can be implemented using the url for this AJAX call or using a provided PHP CLI script. Timeouts will be a problem for large imports (> 200 properties) so in those cases the CLI script should be used.

REAXML Import Installation Document

REAXML Import for EZ Realty Package 1.6.0